Staff Engineer, Systems Design/Architecture

Company Name:
Placement Services USA, Inc.
Design complete and complex framework, system and/or products. Define processes for technical platforms, system specifications, input/output and working parameters for hardware and/or software compatibility. Conceive system interfaces and business application prototypes. Identify, analyze and resolve system design weaknesses. Influence future products by contributing to framework (architecture) used across multiple products and/or systems. Provide multi-layered technical expertise for next generation initiatives. Participate in design and review of Native/System Services, Application Frameworks, Networking, Multimedia, Receivers, Browsers, Navigation, Automotive Vehicle Interfaces, and Audio modules. Participate in design reviews of software modules and at component, subsystem, and project level. Support program reviews, including management of stability issues and measurement reports. Work with various software development tools including IBM RTC for configuration management, IBM Rhapsody and EA for software design, QNX VMWare for software emulation, JTAG for debugging and GCC compilers. Perform system level design work including independent system design and solving complex design and debugging problems. Perform driver level debugging using QNX. Provide direction and technical guidance to engineers and other technical staff in the design, development, modification, and evaluation of software components and systems. Mentor team members on design guidelines, robustness strategies, etc. Lead stability team to investigate/root cause high severity system stability issues for launch readiness. Supervise core development team, projects and deliver architecture and cross platform components. Domestic and international travel may be required.
Eight (8) years of experience in product design and embedded software development.
Bachelors Degree in Electronics Engineering or related field of study.
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